Nigel Barnet Artist Blacksmith

Articles about Nigel Barnett

'Poppies in Steel commemorative sculpture unveiled' North Norfolk District Council, Jun 25 2015

'Tornado flypast as north Norfolk unveils poppy sculpture to mark First World War centenary' Norwich Evening News Jun 22 2015

WW1 in North Norfolk 'Poppies in Steel' Apr 15 2015

Time Out Doha 'Hot Seat : The Iron Man' Vol 5 #12 Dec 2013 p11

The Anvil Rooms, Doha, Quatar
A unique restaraunt design on the 28th floor of the Tornatdo Tower using traditional ironwork by Nigel Barnett

EDP 'A Riveting Good Beer : Beer produced at mid Norfolk forge' 25 March 2012, p17

EDP 'Another iron in the fire for master craftsman of Fransham' 12 Feb 2012, pp2 - 3

Fakenham & Derham Times 'Norfolk's key role in Pakenham water mill restoration project' 24 Aug 2011

EDP Norfolk Magazine 'Iron Man - Countryside Profile' May 2011

EDP 'Keeping an old tradition alive' 18 Mar 2011

EDP on Sunday 'Forging into the future' 2 Jun 2010

Fakenham & Derham Times 'Kings of the new iron age are keeping tradition alive' 7 Jan 2010

BBC News 'Blacksmith in anti-knife campaign ' 2009

Daily Mirror 'Stop Knives Save Lives : Police melt down weapons to become symbols of hope' 2009

EDP 'Blacksmiths team up for Norfolk art' 2009

East Coast Net 'Herring Arch' 2009

Great Yarmouth Borough Council 'St George's Park' 2009

Guardian Newspaper 'All Fired Up' 2006

EDP 'Forging ahead with age-old skill' 2006

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