Catton Park, Norwich: Gates originally made by Barnard and Bishop during the 1860s, were removed and reset in new foundations Catton Park Gates, Norwich: The gates were repainted and the crowns re-gilded Weston Park Gates, Weston Longville: Restoration of gates originally made by Gravets of Leyston in 1848. Weston Park Gates, Weston Longville: Many repairs were made to the gate parts after a bus crash Weston Park Restoration of steel delivery cart 1923 Newton Lodge Gates: Restoration project Restoration of Newton Lodge Newton Lodge Gates: subterranian works Pakenham Watermill in Suffolk dates back over 500 years. The forge was asked to help restore the water wheel. Total restoration of the 16' high by 8' wide breast shut wheel was carried out Completed restoration of the 16' high by 8' wide breast shut wheel Ecclesiastical Ironwork for St Edmundsbury Cathedral. Suffolk Barrington Hall before restoration Barrington Hall after restoration

Nigel has a long history of restoration work going back to the ‘80’s. He prides himself in renovating and preserving ironwork from the past for future generations to see. From the restoration of steam engines and train boilers to old engine castings, Victorian machinery and structural bridge and building repairs. The restoration service now covers large gates. They have a full casting service and are able to replicate most components. The full forge facility allows the forging of stock bar up to 8” thickness. They can weld anything weldable, including alloys and castings, however, they like to replace like for like wherever possible using traditional fire welding and clipping techniques.

The forge also offers an on and off site blast cleaning service using abrasive and non-abrasive cleaning media. This allows the precise cleaning of ancient artifacts without damage to the surface structure.

If you wish to commission a work by Nigel Barnett please contact us and make an appointment to visit Fransham Forge. To discuss your requirements by telephone please call 01362 687 116